dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Full screen width SharePoint Rich Text Editor

It can be frustrating in SharePoint when the "Rich Text Editor" on the edit page 
of Wiki's, Blogs, Edit pages is set to fixed column width by default Sharepoint.  

We get frequently the question to enlarge the width of the editor. This because
it's easier to fill in text in a fullscreen-width editor!
Here's the CSS to make it happen (warning, this syntax applies to ALL rich text editors!). 

The first does all normal forms and wikis:

#onetIDListForm, #onetIDListForm .ms-formbody, #onetIDListForm iframe[title="Rich Text Editor"]{
 width:100% !important;
And this does the same for Blogs!
.ms-formbody span span div iframe, .ms-formbody span span table.ms-long{
 width:100%; text-align:left;


You just to need to put the code in a Content Editor Webpart on your page.

I hope that your customers enyoi the full width Rich Text Editors like ours...

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